A very warm welcome to your Mobile Footcare Specialist in Plymouth.
My name is Sharon Mason and I am pleased that you are visiting my website.
Why am I different to the rest?

I operate a Single Patient Use Policy using sterile instruments that have not been used before on someone else. Therefore I can give 100% guarantee there is no risk of 'cross-infection' from the super bugs like MRSA and Clostridium difficile.

I also treat in the comfort of your own home, to a time that suits.

I am a fully qualified Podiatrist (old name Chiropodist) and fully licensed.

My registration number is CH 31988.

My greatest satisfaction is being able to help and to give you a sense of well being.

Give me a call to find out more.....  I don't bite!


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Mobile: 07906 275566
(Virgin Mobile Network)


Enquiries: Please email: heal2toe@gmail.com 

Sharon is always looking to expand her clinical knowledge base and regularly attends training courses and seminars as well as meeting with other Health Professionals to enhance her skills and knowledge.

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