Making Decisions for Headwater Stream Conservation 
At the Watershed Scale

Photo Credit: Andrew Dietrich

Learn more about headwater stream ecosystems and ecology, 
challenges to their conservation, and the role of decision science 
and structured decision making (SDM) by checking out our 
recommended literature and videos here.

Headwater stream ecosystems are important to natural resource managers 
not only because of their unique aquatic biodiversity, 
but also because they influence the availability of clean water, mitigate 
flood control, and have recreational value to hikers 
and anglers. Balancing these multiple objectives 
within and among natural resource organizations is 
generally challenging and may have consequences for headwater stream conservation across large spatial scales.

We are working with natural resource organizations throughout the Deerfield and Merrimack Watersheds
two watersheds located in the northeastern US, 
to identify the impediments to effective headwater stream 
conservation and explore how alternative forms 
of collaboration may influence ecological outcomes.  

Photo Credit: Dan Hocking

The project and leadership team are focused on developing 
a clear and transparent decision process that evaluates the
 long-term consequences of alternative headwater stream management strategies at the watersheds scale.