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PC Decrapifier

Remote Assistance

I will access your computer remotely and take control. I will then attempt to diagnose the problem and/or fix it. All while your watch!

Free - Remote diagnosis (Price for repair will be determined after diagnosis.)

High Speed Internet required - Not all problems can be solved with remote assistance

Virus & Malware Removal

Some viruses can be removed fairly easily, but some malware and adware can destroy your system beyond repair. I will attempt to remove the virus/malware/adware if possible.

$20-$35 Virus/Malware/adware Removal

If I'm unable to repair, the operating system will need to be reinstalled.

see Install/Reinstall Operating Systems for pricing

System Restore Disk

When you buy a computer it comes pre-loaded with a version of windows; most of the time you don't get a disk to restore windows. I can make you a system restore disk that you can use to restore windows. This disk can be used any time you need to reinstall windows. A few reasons you may need to reinstall windows would be you got a bad virus/malware, you messed something up really bad, or your hard drive broke and you had to install a new one.

$25 System Restore Disk - 8GB or less

usually a new computer with little to no software installed yet

$40+ System Restore Disk - Greater than 8GB

Lots of software already installed

Software Installation

I will install/setup a software title for you. Some software can be installed remotely

$10+ Software Installation (Price depends on software)

Hardware Installation/Repairs/Upgrades

Hardware Installation includes replacing hardware in your computer. Hardware including but not limited to Hard drives, DVD, Ethernet Cards, Power Supplies, CPU's, Motherboards, and Graphics Cards

$15-$50 Hardware Installation (Price depends on difficulty)


Does your computer run really slow? Does it take forever to load anything? You may need a Tune-Up!

I can give your computer a Tune-Up by deleting old files and cleaning up your start up files.

$20 Tune-Ups

some Tune-Ups can be done remotely

Data Recovery

Did you accidentally format your external hard drive? Did your computer break and you can't get your data?

I can recover lost data in most cases.

$20-$100 Data Recovery (Price depends on difficulty of recovery)

cannot be done remotely

Reset Passwords

Did you forget your password to log into your computer?

I can reset all windows operating system passwords.

$20 Reset passwords

cannot be done remotely

Full System Encryption

The purpose of full system encryption is to prevent unauthorized access to all data on your computer.

Full system encryption will require a password to boot your computer. What this means is that after you power down your computer, NOBODY can access your data without your password.(Strong password required!)

This is a must have for laptops in the event of lose or theft.

*Encryption will not protect you from malware/spyware/viruses while the computer is in use.

$50 Full System Encryption w/ Rescue Disk

Windows Alternative

Are you sick of windows and long for something different? Don't you wish you didn't have to deal with viruses and malware? Wouldn't you like to be able to get free software to do almost anything you need to do? Is your computer really old and slow but you can't afford a new one?

There is a free operating system called Linux. You can check out the Linux section for more details.

Prices below Install/Reinstall Operating Systems.

Install/Reinstall Operating Systems

There are a number of reason to reinstall your operating system.

Sometimes a system becomes so messed up that the only way to repair it is to reinstall the operating system and start from scratch.

Sometimes your hard drive might die and you have to get a new one.

Windows is an operating system that makes your computer work. Reinstalling your operating system will make your computer run the way it did when you first brought it home.

Reinstalling the operating system will restore the computer to it's original state.

$45 Install Operating System - Windows

Windows system disk required

If you don't have a windows system disk and would like to try a cheaper alternative, I can install Linux instead.

$35 Install Operating System - Linux

Basic data recovery included with all operating system reinstalls