Our Churches

All Saints', Highfield is in the middle of the parish of Highfield, that part of Headington south of the London Road, and west of Windmill Road.  It is an Anglican church.  Our worship is neither highly ceremonial, nor very informal; we take something of a 'middle of the road' position.

Cornerstone Christian Centre, Quarry High Street.
Cornerstone Church is dynamic and multicultural with people of all ages and backgrounds, affiliated to the Assemblies of God. 
Corpus Christi: The Roman Catholic parish church of Headington: a well-established church serving a thriving community.

Headington Baptist : A lively evangelical church with a vision for reaching out to and serving our local area. Our aim is to be a loving and transforming community.    
Holy Trinity:
'A village church in the city': we aim to be an open door between heaven and earth: in the inclusive catholic tradition of the Church of England.

Lime Walk Methodist Church: A well –established worshipping congregation in the heart of Headington welcoming people of all ages and seeking to share God’s love with all.

Oxford Bible Church
OBC is a lively, Bible-believing, multicultural, non-denominational church offering a warm welcome to all.
Oxford Chinese Christian Church.  A bible-believing, non-denominational church, worshipping in Mandarin and Cantonese.

  Oxford Vineyard Church
Live music, doughnuts, and the presence of God - a group of ordinary people seeking Jesus together.
We now meet at:
The Studio
Magdalen College School,
Cowley Place
Oxford, OX4 1DZ​

Religious Society of Friends (Quakers) 
We acknowledge that there is something sacred in all people; each person is precious and equal before God.  True religion is about the whole of life, leading us to eschew violence and exercise respect for the earth and all life upon it.

St Andrew's: The ancient parish church of Headington.  A traditionalist parish influenced by the Tractarian Movement and with the eucharist at the centre of its catholic-style worship.

St Ebbe's: a friendly evangelical church family, part of St Ebbe's Church, Oxford.

St Mary's Church: serving the communities of Barton and Sandhills.
United Reformed Church, Collinwood Road: A church which values good questions more than easy answers.  A small church committed to serving its local community.


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