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    computer repair
  • Flash drives enjoy notable success in the PC repair field as a means to transfer recovery and antivirus software to infected PCs, while allowing a portion of the host machine's data to be archived in case of emergency.
  • A computer repair technician is a person who repairs and maintains computers and servers. The technician's responsibilities may extend to include building or configuring new hardware, installing and updating software packages, and creating and maintaining computer networks.
    home study
  • A process whereby an individual or couple undergo a study by a licensed public or private agency to assure the well-being of the child in the home and the readiness of the family to adopt.
  • A course of study carried out at home, rather than in a traditional classroom setting
  • An assessment of prospective adoptive parents to see if they are suitable for adopting a child
  • Assessment of the adoptive parents’ ability to provide a healthy home. This provides information on the couple’s health, home life, financial standing, background information, and even about their extended families.
  • a course of study carried out at home rather than in a classroom
home study computer repair Home study / office
Home study / office
I have had a request to post a picture of our home study (after I mentioned it in my desk post) It is a very busy, often untidy family space with much activity including books, cameras etc but here is a photo of it. 2 Walls of books - light side - modern books, opposite side out of direct light - leather bound books that fade in direct light. It also has loads of eclectic things we have collected on our travels. How do you arrange books? Colour? Size? Interest? Do you have a workspace?
Home studies!
Home studies!
Yesterday I run at home quite in a hurry to try to catch the sunset, I arrived too early and I started to study HDR (I want to try)...but...then... I LOST THE SUNSET !! So I moved to "home studies" work! I'm trying to push up to the limit my macro!