Back Story

Back Story
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In August of 2006, I finally got around to picking up my very own Xbox 360. I was delighted with the system itself but was anxious to see it on a brand new HDTV (as opposed to the 32" CRT I had been running for 5 years previously).

So I did my research and armed with the knowledge of what HDTV actually was and what I felt I should be looking for, I went shopping.

I spent several hours in my local FutureShop before finally settling on a Samsung LN-S4041D.

All seemed well for the first couple of weeks. I happily played with my new Xbox and watched DVD movies, completely unaware that anything was wrong.

Once the initial honeymoon phase with my Xbox 360 ended, I felt the need to plug in my PS2 and play some good old Guitar Hero. That's when things went horribly wrong.

Guitar Hero was virtually unplayable. The audio was out of sync with the video and the video was out of sync with my input.

A little confused, I started doing some testing. Crude as the tests were, I was able to determine that my television was in fact delaying the input source by upwards of 70ms before displaying it on the screen.

As if that weren't bad enough, the tv was also re-syncing the audio to match the delayed video provided you're using the tv's internal speakers. The audio being patched through from the tv output to the receiver isn't delayed at all. This causes for some really interesting echo effects if I turned up the television's volume to overlay it with the audio receiver.

Clearly this was a problem that needed to be resolved, thus my quest for even more information began.

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