Shalom Tnua! Welcome to a brand new issue of B’tnua. As B’tnua has been on various sorts of hiatus for a while now, we are hoping to breathe new life into this publication, beginning with this issue. It is our goal for B’tnua to be reinstated as the central forum for expression and conversation about all sorts of Habo-related topics across our movement and our continent. In this issue we have updates from many eizorim, some highlights from Workshop 60 about their messimot, as well as chaverim from throughout the movement giving their opinions on a range of issues.

This is the online version of a newsletter that also exists in pdf form. We wanted the movement to have a place to engage in dialogue together, so please comment on any articles that make you think! Additionally, we wanted this to remain a resource that could be used for peulot and chinuch both at machaneh and throughout the year.

-Celeste Tannenbaum (Tavor 58) and Ezra Glenn (Na'aleh 58)

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Has reading this issue made you think? Are you doing cool things in your eizor, town, or school? Let us (and the movement) know! Articles can be submitted to btnua@habonimdror.org.