Example Online Family Life Websites

This page is a collection of various examples of web and/or multimedia examples that provide insight into how to develop these types of resources for conducting programs for children and families.  Please add your own examples to this list. 

Family Life Education--

Sexuality Education
Relationship Education
Parent Education
Parent Education-- Children with Special Needs
Family Transition/Stressful Life Events Education
Divorce Education
Family-based Risky Behavior Education
Related Sites

  • Dear Gabe--  Interesting video  (50 minutes)  by Alexandra Juhasz.  The author writes, "Queer and straight, black, white and in-between, Jewish and uncertain, bio- and adoptive-moms all, these six stories demonstrate the remarkable changes and challenges that define contemporary family." 
  • Naming Prairie -- Short (6 minute) video by Alexandra Juhasz.about naming children. 
  • Online Peer Helping Training -- This is a website that was created in 1998 to train teens and other young people in peer helping skills.  I have copied it to this web site so that it is possible to see how it was constructed.  At present it is not active.  This was one of my first attempts to create an educational structure based solely on the use of questions.
  • Family Business-- Resource Inventory.  http://agecon.uwyo.edu/eruralfamilies/Courses/ResourceInventory/htmls/index.htm
  • Project Catch-IT -- http://catchit-public.bsd.uchicago.edu/index.html   For adolescents to prevent depression.  Public site, but requires log in. 

Multimedia Examples of Ways to Present Science and Real Life

  • Radiolab--A radio program produced at WNYC.  Listen to this example that is called Mischel's Marshmellows.
  • Science Friday-- NPR's premier radio science program.  These programs are rarely about behavioral science, but could these same techniques be used to explore new developments in child and family related scientific developments?
  • Reality Radio-- Book and website that provides a greater understanding of how radio documentaries are made.