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Movie Title :In-Laws, The

When prospective fathersinlaw Steve Tobias and Jerry Peyser meet for the first time to celebrate their children's upcoming marriage, the cake hits the fan. Dr. Jerome Peyser is a mildmannered podiatrist with a wellorganized daily routine designed to eliminate all possible sources of stress. Meanwhile, daredevil CIA operative Steve Tobias moves through life like a heatseeking missile. His average day consists of dodging bullets, stealing private jets and negotiating with international arms smugglers. Now he's giving potential fatherofthebride Jerry a serious case of prenuptial jitters. Steve's dramatic entrances and exits, his cryptic references to a Russian runaway named Olga and his fight with a gunman in a restaurant washroom causes Jerry to see a vision of his daughter's perfectly planned wedding blowing up in his face. As far as Jerry's concerned, letting Steve into his family takes til death do us part way too literally. Before he can say the wedding is off, Jerry suddenly finds himself embroiled in the chaos that follows in Steve's wake as he is dragged kicking and screaming into a series of perilous adventures that take the mismatched inlawstobe halfway around the world.

Movie Year : 2003

Movie Genres : Action Comedy

ImdbRating : 5.60

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Movie Actors : Michael Douglas:Steve Tobias Michael Bodnar:Cherkasov's Bodyguard Vladimir Radian:Cherkasov Robin Tunney:Angela Harris Albert Brooks:Jerry Peyser Boyd Banks:Patient Susan Aceron:Nurse Lindsay Sloane:Melissa Peyser Maria Ricossa:Katherine Peyser Ryan Reynolds:Mark Tobias Chang Tseng:Quan Le Tamara Gorski:Yadira Matt Birman:Agent at Restaurant A. Russell Andrews:Agent Will Hutchins (as Russell Andrews) Richard Waugh:Agent Thorn Sergio Di Zio:Lecture Room Subject Aaron Abrams:Student Emmy Laybourne:Gloria Rudnick Novie Edwards:Bridesmaid #1 Tamara Levitt:Bridesmaid #2

Movie Directors : Andrew Fleming

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