Attendance Policy

Hinsdale Central Boy’s Track Attendance & Tardy Policy

PHILOSOPHY: We strongly believe that success in Track, as in any endeavor, is dependent on consistent effort and commitment to long-term term goals.  While we certainly encourage the development of well-rounded individuals, we also recognize that the value of athletics cannot be realized if the athlete is unable to make a full commitment to his sport.  This may require that athletes have to make difficult choices; however, for the word 'team' to have meaning, all members must be willing to make equivalent sacrifices.

EXPECTATION: all team members to commit to making Track and Field their top extracurricular priority.  Inability to attend practice or competition due to participation in other clubs, academic teams, or off-season conditioning for other sports will result in an unexcused absences and may ultimately result in removal from the roster.

Athletes are expected to attend all scheduled practices and competitions.  Absences from practice will be classified in three categories: EXCUSED, PROVISIONAL, or UNEXCUSED.  Parental contact is required ahead of time for any absence to be considered excused or provisional.

    3 Provisional=1 Unexcused

    2 Unexcused=Dismissal from team

Excused Absence

1.  Illness (please notify the event coach if the athlete is staying home from school due to illness) NOTE-If you attend school, you are expected to attend practice (your practice may be modified if you are not feeling well based on a conversation with your coach)

2.  Family Emergency  (requires phone call from parent/guardian explaining the situation)

3.  Observance of Religious Holiday (coach should be notified well in advance)


Provisional Absence 

1.  SAT/ACT prep or Drivers Ed Courses

2.  Band or orchestra concert (students in band/orchestra should notify coaches well in advance of potential conflicts.  In some cases, we will allow athletes to leave practice early so that they do not have to take a 'provisional')

3.  Vacations (freshman only)

4.  Family celebrations (weddings, bar mitzvahs, anniversary parties, etc.)

5.  Orthodontist/Dental/Doctor appointments (please try to schedule around practice)

6.  College Visits (note: students missing Friday & Saturday will be charged 2 absences)


Unexcused Absence

1.  Oversleeping

2.  Haircut appointments

3.  Birthday parties

4.  Concerts or professional/college sporting events

5.  Extended Prom Weekend

6.  Vacation (soph-senior)

7.  Job or volunteering

8.  Staying home to do homework/working on a group project (should be scheduled around practice)

9.  Practice for another sport or activity (music lessons, boy scouts, chess club, etc.)

10.  Leaving a meet or practice early without permission

11.  Missing practice for any of the reasons listed under “provisional” without notifying coaches ahead of time



Athletes are expected to be at all practices and competitions on time.  Students arriving late should have a pass from a teacher.  Practice times and locations will be posted on our team website.  Any student arriving after the scheduled practice time who does not have a pass will be considered tardy.

Other notes

-If a student needs to see a teacher after school or make up a test, they should report to practice immediately afterwards, with a pass from their teacher.  When possible, the student should also notify the coach ahead of time that they will be late to practice.

-It is particularly important to notify us well in advance of any competitions you will miss, as we are required to submit entries for most meets one week in advance. If you are entered in an event for a Track meet and then do not attend, we are not able to substitute another athlete.  This means we get zero points for that event and also that we are unable to provide the opportunity to compete to another athlete on our team.  DO NOT TELL US ON FRIDAY THAT YOU ARE GOING TO BE MISSING A MEET ON SATURDAY!