We approach the development of training material by always keeping Steven Covey's Habit #2 in the forefront of our planning.  "Begin with the end in mind."  Training courses are vessels that transport knowledge.  They should be designed to achieve a very specific objective.  They do not conclude the learning experience, they merely add to it.

Each of our training courses targets a very specific learning objective.  Once that objective is understood and agreed upon with our client, everything we develop is targeted to accomplish that objective.  An example of this can be found in one of the courses we developed for our self management series.  The course is about personality.  It is not however, about teaching personality, it is designed to have participants leave with a clear understanding of their own personality and how it affects their interpersonal behavior.  All of our training presentation material, notes,  handouts and other items are designed to accomplish that single objective.

As you consider a source to provide training material, we'd really like the opportunity to expose you to more of the factors that we believe set us apart.