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About Rick Holt

Holt Consulting Services began over a decade ago when I began working with my friend Chris Scheaffer.  We participated in the development and deployment of high end workshops and coaching geared to the improvement of individual performance.  In that role, we participated in hundreds of workshops with thousands of participants all across the country.  Chris has decided to scale back his activities and has been a key factor in support of Holt Consulting Services.  Below is my story.
Corporate Experience

My corporate experience is divided almost equally between sales and support services. A couple of my assignments included:
  • AT&T Staff - provided advice and assistance to Bell Companies on Office Automation.
  • Director - Marketing and sales
  • President - of a communications sales subsidiary.
Entrepreneurial Experience

After leaving the corporate world, my wife and I started our own business as distributors of business communications services.  That effort resulted in:
  • Profitability in year one
  • Recognition for performance excellence four straight years
Consulting Experience

We sold our business and I began working with Chris Scheaffer.  We developed and delivered material for leadership workshops that included:
  • Case studies
  • Role play scenarios
  • Audio visual components and many other types of support material. 
Every workshop also involved one on one follow up coaching.