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Villas at Gower - 1726 Gower St

Current Status: 

Estimated Cost: $30M
Estimated Completion Date: May 2011
Project Description: Joint project with Path Ventures, A Community of Partners and the Community Redevelopment Agency of Los Angeles (CRA LA). A Silver LEED planned building, it will be approximately 70 units of affordable supportive housing. Services include job training, medical services, on-site counseling and more.    

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Community Benefits Tracking: 
  • Creation of Affordable Housing (42 HCD Very Low Income and 27 HCD Low Income Units)
  • Construction and Permanent Job Local Hiring
  • New Community Meeting Space
  • Provides Special Needs Housing

Community Perceptions:

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Project Features:

  • 70-unit and 86,000 square feet
  • Permanent supportive housing
  • Special Needs and Transitional housing
  • LEED Silver Building
  • Community Center and Community Room
  • Employment and Training Programs
  • After-school tutoring
  • Medical and Mental Health Services
  • Creation of approximately 180 construction jobs and 20 permanent jobs. 
  • 9,700 sq. feet of open space.
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