Other Google Apps

Google Voice
Check out the sample message I created below. I have substituted Google Voice as my voice mail. My messages are transcribed to me and sent to my Google Voice inbox. I can play the messages back, download them, send them to others, or embed them in a website as I have demonstrated below. It's free to sign up. Add a Google Voice account to go along with your Gmail account today! Sign up here.

Google Sites
This website was created in Google Sites. Google Sites enables you to create and manage multiple sites at once, share editing privileges with other colleagues, or even give up your rights to the site entirely if you wish. Create a site to teach a class, as part of your professional resume, or to share information with others about something you enjoy! Try it free today with your Gmail account. Sign up here.

Google Calendar

Check out the calendar I created below. You can use Google Calendar to post important upcoming information to your students, staff, and community. Keep multiple calendars and only share the ones that you wish to share. Give others access to edit your calendar if you are on a team and wish to all be able to post or remove information from the calendar. Because I made this calendar public, if you look at the lower right hand corner of the screen, you can add this calendar to your own calendar listing. Whenever I update this calendar or make a change, it will appear in your calendar. If you don't already own a Google Calendar, click here to get started.