Neuronauts is Holy Cross' very own Neuroscience club! Neuronauts' mission is to provide Holy Cross students with an opportunity to enhance their educational experience and increase public awareness of the major's topics involved in the field. 

Students and faculty from all academic majors will meet in an informal environment where they can discuss the philosophical and scientific side of Neuroscience, such as consciousness, automaticity, control, altered states of consciousness (via drugs, out-of-body-experiences, etc.), spiritualism vs. materialism, the mind-body problem, free will/predetermination, the self, responsibility over sinful actions, animal consciousness, and related ethical issues. The club also strives to better our community by performing community service functions as well as outreach demonstrations which serve to foster a healthy wonder of the natural world in the community.

Neuronauts also serves a social function, allowing students to meet others with different interests while doing fun activities. Neuronauts meets once a month.

Become a Neuronaut! Timothy Leary, a Holy Cross Alum, is considered to be the first known Neuronaut. Don't know who he is? Well, ever heard of the Beatles song (written by Jon Lennon) "Come Together"? Yeah, he asked Lennon to write it as a campaign song when running against Regan for California governorship in the 1960s. In fact, before Lennon wrote the song, Leary's campaign slogan was "Come Together, Join the Party". So, join the party. Join Neuronauts.

***Feel free to look around on our website! The club is still new, so please expect changes to occur, including information concerning our members, forum updates, photos and videos, as well as our links for neuroscience research!!!!