Winter 2015 Math Academy at Hartnell is closed!

Please check back during April 2015 for information about the Summer 2015 Math Academy.

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Improve your math ability in a friendly, no-stress environment where you will learn to
  • study efficiently,
  • prepare effectively for math tests,
  • acquire skills and confidence that will help you succeed at Hartnell.
MATH ACADEMY can help you finish your math requirements sooner!

Registration has closed.

The Math Academy is only available for students who will be taking Hartnell College math class.

Why Math Academy?

Is there a good reason to give up two weeks of summer vacation or work to study math?
How about:
  • Free Math Academy registration
  • Free math textbooks if you complete the requirements (Save over $200 on books!)
  • Assistance getting a seat for your next math class
  • Lifeline Counseling and Tutorial support during Fall Semester


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