Welcome to the official website of the Hunter College High School Quiz Bowl Team! Our school is located in Manhattan in New York City.

We practice in room 416Wednesdays during Activities and 5th and Tuesdays and Fridays 3:00-5:00 PM (you can pop in and leave whenever you need to). Please feel free to drop by and join us! 

What is Quiz Bowl?

Quiz Bowl (also spelled "quizbowl") is an academic competition played in high school and college (although middle school students at Hunter are welcome to join). It is similar to the popular TV game show Jeopardy! in that questions are read to competitors, who then buzz in to answer, but it differs in that quiz bowl questions are much more difficult and better-written than Jeopardy! clues, and cover mostly academic subjects, with very little trivia.

In a game of quiz bowl, two schools are each represented by a team of four players. The moderator or reader, begins to read a question, known as a tossup. Tossups in formats played at Hunter are in a style known as "pyramidal". Pyramidal tossups are generally several sentences long, beginning with a lead-in composed of very difficult clues, and working down, with decreasing difficulty, until the giveaway, or the easiest clue. This format rewards players with deeper knowledge of the topic in question. Read More....

Why should I join Hunter Quiz Bowl?

Quiz bowl, unlike most other sports and extra-curriculars available at Hunter, exposes players to a much wider knowledge base than regular classes would, greatly benefiting players academically.

Hunter's quiz bowl team is one of the top teams in the nation. We attend many regional and national tournaments throughout the year, both in the vicinity of New York (Long Island, New Jersey, Columbia University, Princeton, etc.) and all across the nation (Chicago, Washington, DC, Harvard, Yale, etc.), usually bringing 3-4 teams, so new players can get plenty of experience. In addition, we host an annual house-written tournament in the spring, with questions written and edited by the team, and an annual novice tournament in the fall.

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Like science? 

Hunter College High School's Science Bowl Team meets in Room 407 during Activities and 5th on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays! Feel free to drop by anytime!

More info can be found here

Congrats to our A team (Sam Brochin, Luke Tierney, Joshua Kwan, and Captain Albert Tai) for winning the 2016 NAQT High School National Scholastic Championship!