My name is Hao Cheng (程 浩 in Chinese).

I'm currently a PhD student at University of Washington working with Prof. Mari Ostendorf.

Previously, I got my M.Sc. under the supervision of Prof. Dale Schuurmans and Prof. Csaba Szepesvári at University of Alberta. At the same time, I have been working closely with Prof. Xinhua Zhang and Prof. Yaoliang Yu.


Email: <s>hao[DOT]cheng[DOT]ih[AT]G[oogle]mail[DOT]com</s>

Research Interest:

In general, my research interest centers around natural language processing and machine learning

Our team Sounding Board is the 2017 Alexa Prize Winner!

(For details and media coverage, check out more on this link)

We are offering a course on how to build Conversational AI with Amazon Alexa (course webpage) !


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