Hoosier Canoe Club Paddle Fishing Group

It is very hard to paddle by a log jam and not cast into that eddy that may be holding a 4-pound small mouth.  I have been on several HCC Flatwater trips and have always wanted to make a cast here and there.  I've found out that there are several other HCC members who share this passion.  On almost every trip I have been on with HCC,there is always someone who shares my angling and paddling obsession.  

Well. now is the time for all fisherman and fisherwomen to come out of the closet and admit their obsession and start paddle fishing together.  Thus, we now have a discipline for paddle fishing.

If you are new or just curious about paddle fishing,come out on one of the scheduled fishing trips or hook up with a more experienced paddler about rigging your boat for fishing.  You may find some of the links helpful in rigging a boat for fishing.   Those of you who are ready and rigged for fishing give Jay or me a call about setting up a trip to your favorite fishing holes.  I encourage you to use the HCC bulletin board for casual trips and fishing info.

You can contact me John Wainscott at wldleak@sbcglobal.net, cell (317) 250-8107 Or Jay Moyer at moyer_farm@sbcglobal.net, Ph (765) 376-6316