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Frequently Asked Questions

What band classes are offered?
There are three band classes for wind players: Concert Band, Symphonic Band, and Wind Ensemble. Percussionists do not sign up for these classes, but instead sign up for Concert Percussion or Symphonic Percussion instead. No auditions are required for Concert Band or Concert Percussion.

When are auditions for band classes?
Information about auditoin dates will be available each fall. Students who would like to audition for Symphonic Band, Symphonic Percussion Ensemble, Wind Ensemble, Jazz Band, or Jazz Ensemble, will download audition materials from and sign up for an audition time using the online Google form. Auditions will be in the band room (167) at Hinsdale Central.

Can I enroll in band and play a sport?
Yes!  We have many students involved in both music and athletics.  Practices and games rarely conflict with rehearsals and performances.  Students must keep track of their schedule and notify the band director and coach of possible conflicts, but accommodations can usually be made.  It requires hard work, dedication, and planning to maintain good grades while participating in music and athletics; but, the students that choose to do both activities are glad to stay involved.

Can I play in a Jazz Ensemble?
Yes!  The Hinsdale Central band program has three jazz courses. Interested students can audition for the bands at the start of the school year.  All wind and percussion players are required to enroll in a band class to be eligible for Jazz Ensembles.

Do I need a study hall?
While it is up to individual students and parents to decide what is best, band students often find themselves bored in study halls.  Adapting to the workload at Hinsdale Central may be challenging at the beginning of freshman year, but students that stick with band are always glad they did.

Can I take honors and AP courses while enrolled in band?
Yes!  Band students are often signed up for multiple honors and AP classes.  In addition, past valedictorians and National Merit Semifinalists have also been band students.

Does every band student perform with the Red Devil Marching Band?
Yes!  Every wind and percussion player is a member of the Red Devil Marching Band.

•Next year, the band will be made up of over 240 students.  That’s 240 friends who know your name and share your interests.
•The marching band travels.  The band has performed at Brookfield Zoo, outside The Grand Ole Opry, in the Magic Kingdom afternoon parade, Disneyland, on the deck of the USS Intrepid in New York, and in the NYC Veteran's Day Parade.
•The marching band is one of the largest, most visible organizations at Hinsdale Central and it performs for more people than any other ensemble.
•Students in the band develop excellent music reading skills because the band performs over 20 different pieces of music each fall.
•The marching band is a service organization that allows students to be connected to the school and surrounding community. 
•The Red Devil Marching Band performs in brand new uniforms.

Is Honors Credit available for band classes?
Yes!  Students can earn an honors weighted grade for any band class by meeting additional requirements that include studying with a private teacher, playing a solo at contest, writing a paper on a musical topic, and performing in an additional ensemble outside of class.  Students sign up for Honors Credit during the first quarter.

Are there band requirements outside the school day?
Yes, like any performing school ensemble, the band classes have some rehearsals and performances outside the school day; however, a majority of rehersals are during class. The full calendar is available at

Are there other opportunities to perform?
Yes!  Band students can choose to perform in many different ensembles at Hinsdale Central including the Symphony Orchestra, the Jazz Ensembles, and the Musical Orchestra Pit.  Students can also perform at the IHSA Solo & Ensemble festival.  In addition, there are several auditioned performance opportunities that include the IMEA District 1 Festival Band and the Augustana College Honor Band.