Thank you for your interest in the Harlem Community & Academic Partnership, Inc. The Harlem Community & Academic Partnership (HCAP) Inc, is an independent 501c3 organization best described as a community and academic partnership with a community-driven and action-oriented approach to health research and health policy that is based on the social determinants of health. HCAP's main purpose is to study and improve health in underserved communities with community based organizations, academia, public health practitioners, and policy makers in a collaborative and co-learning process that stresses systems development, community capacity building, and balancing research and action. We rely on the expertise and the resources made available through our community and academic members to carry out our mission. 

HCAP uses a Community Based Participatory Research (CBPR) as its approach to research and policy analysis. CBPR is a collaborative approach to research that equitably involves all partners (community and academic) in all aspects of the research process and recognizes the unique strengths that each partner brings to the process (Israel et al, 1998). The purpose of any project supported and or research conducted that involves HCAP is to benefit the community either through increased knowledge or by promoting better health. Since 1999, HCAP has worked to build and strengthen trust, to establish credibility in this community, to demonstrate a true commitment to improve the health of our Harlem residents, and to create a platform from which we could act to address local urban health issues. 

Our intervention based research targets marginalized and underserved populations including substance users and those formerly incarcerated. Participation in HCAP is seen as a unique experience where research, policy, and practice intersect. 

A menu of our attributes includes: 
  • An established community and academic partnership that has developed and refined a CBPR process that has been existence since 1999 in East/Central Harlem and other similar communities
  • Previous defined measures of success inside the realm of substance use and infectious disease 
  • Access to the East and Central Harlem communities and other demographically similar neighborhoods in NYC
  • Experience in translating research findings to implications for policy and practice 
  • Seasoned community representatives with rich experiences in community-academic research partnerships 

If you have any questions about HCAP in general, please feel free to email us at hcapny@gmail.com