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Subscription Databases                                      
A  database is a collection of organized information on one or many topics. Subscription databases are those that the school pays for or can use because it has a contract with a funding agency.  These databases are not accessible through Google or any other search engine without the proper username and password.  They are carefully researched and monitored.  As a result, they are your best source for accurate, authoritative, and timely information on any subject.
Username and password required:  see your instructor.
Specifically developed for newly emergent readers.
Username and password required:  see your instructor.

Link gives access to the following World Book Online products:

Early World of Learning
Grades K-2.

World Book Kids
Online encyclopedia for grades K-4.

World Book Student
The mainstay of any library’s research needs with thousands of articles and extensive multimedia tailored for students in grades 5-9.  (Optimized for iPad.)

World Book Discover
Differentiated instruction site for ELLs in grades 6-12.

Science Power
Engaging and visually rich multimedia lessons that teach on-level and differentiated lesson content for grades 5-8.

Social Studies Power
Richly varied lessons presented with instructive multimedia to provide a well-rounded learning experience for grades 4-8.

World Book Timelines
Hundreds of customizable, interactive timelines of important events throughout history.  Grades 5-8. (Optimized for iPad)
Username and password required:  see your instructor.
Username and password required:  see your instructor.
For grades 1-3.  Image links to site.
For grades 1-3.  Image links to site.
For grades 3-5.  Image links to site.
For grades 3 to 6.  Image links to site.
Britannica School Elementary.  Online encyclopedia.
Image links to site.
Britannica School Middle. Online encyclopedia.  
Image links to site.
Electronic Library of Minnesota Databases 
Interactive tutorials
The Research Project Calculator helps middle school students stay on track with research assignments. Enter the starting and due dates of your research paper, video project, or slide presentation and receive a schedule of milestones to complete it, with lots of tips and resources to help you along the way. The Research Project Calculator can even email you a reminder for each project milestone!
The best of science on the web.  Image links to site.
Research Tools:  Online Public Access Search Engines
Public access search engines are search engines that anyone can search at any time without a username or password.  There is usually little or no oversight for these databases so the information they contain may not always be accurate or up-to-date.
Cluuz Search a nice visual mashup of results
CyberSleuth Kids
Exalead search by site type, multimedia, file type, related terms, countries
Fact Hound
Find That File
is a search engine designed to help you locate documents and media files according to file type.

furnishes searchers with related terms

Glean Comparison Search Engine
Glean Who-Is  helps students learn to investigate web-based content sources
Google's OneKey

Great site for students and teachers

instaGrok: the only search tool you will need

IPL Kidspace

iZito offers broad/narrow search terms; choice of domain


Library Spot:  a great place to go if you like one-stop shopping for information
Oolone  (visual search engine)
PDFfetch: PDF search engine
Qwiki (audio search)
RedZee (a visual search engine)
ScoopWeb: Great place to start research
SearchEdu: searches sites based on domain
Simploos (a visual search engine)scroll results left to right.  Scroll within results.
SpaceTime 3D (a visual search engine)
Subject Links from Multnomah County Library
In addition to a general search engine, Sweet Search offers five niche search engines. The niche search engines are for Social Studies, Biographies, SweetSites (organized by grade and subject area), School Librarians, and Sweet Search 4 Me (for elementary school students).

Virtual Learning Resources Center 
Twurdy is a new search engine that returns results using a color-coded system that rates each result on how easy the text is to read.
Yahoo! Kids
Yometa (a visual search engine) displays results in a Venn diagram
ZapMeta similar to iZito
Zomobo When you look up a topic in Zomobo you will get information pulled from blogs, social networks, Flickr, YouTube, newspapers, news sites, and Wikipedia.
Zuula Search (meta search engine)

Research Tools:  Online Directories
A search engine like Google lets you seek out specific words and phrases in Web pages. A directory is more like a subject index in the library—a human being has determined the main point of a Web page and has categorized it based on a classification scheme of topics and subtopics used by that directory.


Reference Tools

Dictionaries and Thesauri

ESL Learner's Dictionary
Snappy Words it's like Visuwords, but perhaps a little more accessible
Visual Dictionary
Visuwords  Online graphical dictionary and thesaurus.
Word Hippo  Great name, great dictionary.
WordStash  Probably the best dictionary for EL.
Rhymezone  An easy-to-use rhyming dictionary to help you find that "perfect" word.

          Encyclopedia Smithsonian
           Fact Monster
          How Products Are Made  Ever wonder how products are made? Come to this site and learn about the manufacture of things as diverse as chewing gum, blue jeans, vacuum cleaners, paint, fireworks, refrigerators, and artificial snow. This online encyclopedia contains 7 volumes of different items.
           Visual Wikipedia
           Wiki(pedia) Summarizer
Xpeditions Atlas  Make maps for printing and copying.
MSN Local Live Mapping  MSN's version of Google Earth

Other Resources
Art and artists for Kids
Images 1 (copyright-free)
Images 2 (copyright-free)
Images 3 (copyright-free)
Images 4 (copyright-free)
Music 1 (royalty-free)
Music 2 (royalty-free)
Music 3 (royalty-free)
Music 4 (royalty-free)
Music 5 (Vimeo Music Story royalty-free)
Musopen (royalty-free classical music; includes audio and sheet music)
Public Domain Pictures (copyright free photos)
Sound Effects (royalty-free)


Primary Source Documents
(Middle School)

Database and Search Engine Skill Builders
Internet Terms (PDF Document)


Dictionary Skill Builders

Dictionary Skills Word Study Graphic Organizer (PDF)

Alphabet Book Project - Grades K-1
A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z)

Declaration of Independence Dictionary Exercise
Gettysburg Address Dictionary Exercise
Martin Luther King Speech Dictionary Exercise

 Almanac Skill Builder

Almanac Lesson Plan with Trivia Game Questions

Uses World Almanac for Kids 2008. In this lesson the students will learn about the World Almanac, what types of information it includes, how it is organized, and how to find information which answers questions on various topics.













Internet Resources Skill Builders

Copyright and Fair Use Guidelines (PDF)

How to Tell if You're Looking at a Great Website?

Evaluating Websites from the Multnomah County Library









 Primary Sources Skill Builder

The Library of Congress: What are primary sources?

Subpages (1): News Sources