Bike to Work Day 2014: Friday, May 16th

For Bike to Work Day 2014, choose your favorite role to play:

Sign up as a RIDER, or better still as a TEAM CAPTAIN. Talk to your friends and coworkers, and
get them to ride to work with you!
You're the reason we do everything we do.

Not used to riding to work? Not sure you can do it? Stop by our special Commuter Workshop on
Saturday, May 10 from 11:00 AM till 2:00 PM at the Shenandoah Bicycle Company in downtown Harrisonburg.
We'll have lots of tips to get you going, and we'll even have people willing to join you on your ride to work!
Click here for more information.

Get backstage access as an ORGANIZER. Choose whichever task on our diverse list suits your fancy.

Are your talents artistic, strategic, journalistic, craftsmanlike, marketing-oriented, or data-analytic? Do you prefer to join a steady team, or to meet new people as you deliver prizes they've unwittingly won? Do you enjoy working at your own pace, or relish unpredictable hustle and bustle?
Just ask to set you up!

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MASSIVE HUZZAH for everyone who ate breakfast, biked to work, came to Happy Hour, captained their workplace team. conspired beforehand, contributed cash/goods/services, cooked, poured coffee, & washed dishes! 
See the full list of sponsors and organizers at our Bike Month webpage!

Results continue to trickle in: prizes, trophies, raffles! Also: stunning statistics, picturesque photographs, & heartwarming tales of courageous cyclists!


OUR THREE TROPHY WINNERS for Bike to Work Day, 2013 are ... (drumroll) ... EMU, Laughing Dog, and Tradeshowdirect. See below for color commentary, cultural analysis, and proof Harrisonburg has become more bike-friendly than Portland, Oregon!

PDX’s Bike to Work contest has had to put bicycle shops in a special category, because otherwise they’d win everything and that would be boring. In past years, HburgBike2Work likewise had special trophies for bike or fitness-related businesses, who otherwise would sweep the participation and average mileage trophies. This year we are proud to note that NONE of of our three winners is in such a line of work! True, Tradeshowdirect’s boss is Ken Bell, who also owns our Titanium Sponsor Rocktown Bicycles; however when we initially dropped by the shop  in Ken’s absence, all riders present were clearly lured in by the desirability and challenge of the trophy itself. What this means is that bike commuting is no longer disproportionately owned by athletes and bike geeks. Instead it has become public property, to be claimed by anyone who looks for pleasure in daily life, who values sustainability, or who enjoys a friendly competition.

This category was an 8-way tie among Blue Sprocket Sound, Laughing Dog, Our Community Place, Pro Tested Gear, Rocktown Bicycles, Tradeshowdirect, Walkabout Outfitters, and Wyse Cycles, each of whom did our city proud by achieving 100% participation. We broke the tie by looking at sheer quantity: Tradeshowdirect had more than twice the number of riders, as well as twice the novices: Jake and habitual skater Aaron, who heroically rode in on an old Victory. And all team captains should be like Captain Zach Koops, who not only marshaled his team with verve but also revealed himself as diligent and detail-minded in compiling and communicating data -- we here at Bike2Work are grateful to him for making our job so easy.

AVERAGE MILEAGE TROPHY: Our old friends Laughing Dog rode in just in time for breakfast and rode out through a drenching to achieve a stunning 18.3 mile average. In second place were our Aluminum Sponsor Walkabout Outfitters, with an average of 15.45 thanks to Captain Paula Benson’s whopping 28.3 round-trip, as well as the 2.6 miles Aaron logs pretty much every day. In third place were Blue Sprocket Sound, whose recording studio opens in two weeks:, they averaged 12 miles captained by Travis Whitmore, accompanied by Chris Jackson in his impressive debut commute.

Captains at large workplaces face special challenges, and so we award a trophy each year based on a formula that takes size into account. Reigning champion Eastern Mennonite University not only retained their title but boosted their participation rate from 12% to 14%. Such success may reflect two kinds of strength: values, and data-wrangling.

Firstly, values: we've noticed a striking pattern in this category each year so far: any organization with the word ‘Mennonite’ in its name will out-perform any other organization, unless that organization is smaller or also has the word ‘Mennonite’ in its name (Eastern Mennonite School, Eastern Mennonite University, MennoMedia, or Virginia Mennonite Missions). This pre-eminence recurs at the national level, where EMU won the 2012 National Bike Challenge for small universities. Bike to Work Day's staff anthropologist (and yes, we have one) attributes such success to cultural ecology: this trophy pairs well with cultural, social, and religious emphases on plain living, cooperative communities, and creation care.

Secondly, data-wrangling: for Team Captains of large organizations, managing data is an essential skill. EMU’s reign began under the leadership of Greg Sachs, a professional data-wrangler, and has continued under Jonathan Lantz-Trissel, who as Sustainability Coordinator has long specialized in quantifying such goals. Lantz-Trissel is one of three captains to submit his data as a spreadsheet, the others being tech-savvy Rosetta Stone captain Kevin Burnett, and Elena Histand Stuckey, who is both a math teacher AND the captain of a Mennonite organization (EMS).

Our first team to sign up for 2014 is now the JMU math faculty, who in this year’s rankings came close to posing EMU a significant challenge. A success may depend on two things: first, can Captain Elizabeth Theta Brown recruit as Lieutenant an ace data-wrangler, perhaps from the department’s extracurricular Data Geeks? And secondly, will this set of often irreligious individuals find a way to replicate and rival the cultural advantages possessed by Mennonite institutions? To find out, please join us again next year!

We salute everyone who rode, walked, captained, sponsored, and data-wrangled! It has  been a great pleasure to recruit, feed, and correspond with you all!


Have more photos you'd like to share with us? Email them to

Jonathan Lantz-Trissel,
May 21, 2014, 12:17 PM