Poodle Tea Cosy

Source: http://handmadebymother.blogspot.com/2009/05/what-your-kitchen-needs-is-more-pompoms.html

Materials: Of Mary Maxim Knitting Worsted/Double Knitting or Sayelle* Nantuk, One steel crochet hook size 00.

Abbreviations: See page 23.

Note: Instructions are given for 6-cup size, and for larger size in brackets following.


Using steel crochet hook, make a chain of 30 (35) sts.

1st row: D.c. into back 2nd ch. from hook, d.c. into back of each ch. to end. Ch. 2, turn.

2nd row: **D.c. into back of each st. Ch. 2, turn**

Rep. from ** to ** 16 times more

19th row: D.c. into 14 (16) sts., ch. 10 (12), skip 10 (12) sts. of previous row, d.c. 4 (5). Ch. 2, turn.

Now work from ** to ** 17 times.

Join side seam by work s.c. through one st. from each side 10 (12) times, s.c. 14 in front side only, s.c. 4 (7) through both sides—lower edge. Fasten off.


Ch. 6, join in circle with sl. st. into first st. Ch. 1.

1st round: 2 s.c. in each stitch. Join with sl. st. to first st. Ch. 1.

2nd round: *2 s.c. in first st., s.c. in next st.; rep. from * to end, join with sl. st.

3rd round: Same as 2nd round.

4th round: S.c. into each st., join with sl. st.

Rep. 4th round until work measures 4 ins. from the beg. Fasten off. Place a piece of cardboard tubing 4 ins. long inside head to keep it firm.

Sew body to head, gathering in body to fit head.

Ears (Make Two):

Ch. 12, work one d.c. in 11 ch., 3 d.c. in next 2 sts., d.c. to end. Fasten off. Sew ear to each side of head.


Ch. 6, join with sl. st. Ch. 1, turn.

Next round: S.c. into each st. Join with sl. st. Ch. 1, turn.

Rep. this round for one inch. Fasten off.

Sew to face, about 10 rows from neck seam.

To Complete:

Make 8 large pompons as follows:

Wind wool around 4 fingers, 50 times, slide off hand, tie securely in the middle.

Clip ends and strike against hand to form into shape. Clip to desired size.

Make 2 small pompons by winding around 2 fingers 25 times. Complete as for the large ones.

Sew small pompons at each side of the nose. Sew one large pompon on top of head, one on each ear about ½ inch from bottom, 4 on front for feet, 4 rows from side openings, and 10 sts. from top and bottom. Sew on button eyes; and a piece of red felt for tongue.

A collar around the neck of felt or ribbon may be added if desired.

Sew 8th pompon to back for tail.