Pine Cone Caroler


Create a chorus of pine cone carolers for "singing" around your Christmas tree.

For each caroler you will need scraps of red and green felt, a medium sized cotton ball, a pipe cleaner, a pine cone of any size, 2 blue sequins for eyes and 1 red for mouth, a small gold pearl, small pins, white glue and a polystyrene ball. Be sure to select a pine cone that is flat on bottom so that caroler isn’t wobbly.

Using given pattern, cut hat and shawl from felt. Glue cotton ball to hat, let dry.  The size of the polystyrene ball selected for head should be chosen according to pine cone size. Using small pins, position sequins and gold pearl for face. Set aside.  Wrap pipe cleaner around small end of pine cone, forming arms.  With straight end of crochet hook make small hole in center of bottom of polystyrene ball. Fill hole with white glue and press onto center part of pine cone. Glue felt hat to ball, leaving a brim.

Finally, attach shawl by wrapping around pine cone and drawing one end through slit, pull up tight. Let dry for about 2 hours.  If desired, cut songbook from gold or silver cardboard using pattern. Position in carolers’ arms.