Girl's Face Mask


GIRL’S FACE MASK is knitted around, has no seams.  Warms neck as well as head.  Fringed yarn bangs and pompon “hair” are amusing.  Made of knitting worsted, 4-8

SIZE: Fits 4-8 yr. old.

MATERIALS: Girls’ Mask: Knitting worsted, 2 ozs. blue (B), 2 ozs. light pink (LP), 1 oz. yellow (Y).  One yarn 1’’ satin or velvet ribbon to match.  Set of 10’’ dp needles No. 6.  (Or English size 7.)  Steel crochet hook No. 00.  Tapestry needle.

GAUGE: 9 sts = 2’’; 6 rnds = 1’’ (stockinette st).  See page 22, “You Must Be Sure to Check Your Gauge.”

MASK:  With B, loosely cast on 98 sts; divide evenly on 3 needles.  Join, being careful not to twist sts.  Mark end of rnd.  Work in k 1, p 1 ribbing for 2 1/2’’.

First Dec Rnd: K 1, p 1 for 9 sts, * p 2 tog, k 2 tog, work in ribbing for 10 sts, repeat from * around, end p 2 tog, k 2 tog, p 1 – 84 sts.  Continue in ribbing as established for 2’’.

2nd Dec Rnd: * K 5, k 2 tog, repeat from * around – 72 sts.  Break off B, join LP.  Work even in stockinette st (k each rnd) for 4 rnds.

Back Inc Rnd: Inc 1 st (to inc 1 st, pick up horizontal strand between st just knitted and next st, place it on left-hand needle, k 1 st in back of this strand), k to last 2 sts of rnd, inc 1 st as before, k 2 – 74 sts.  K 4 rnds even, repeat back inc rnd – 76 sts.

Shape Mouth: Rnd 1: K 33 sts, bind off 10 sts, k to end of rnd – 66 sts.

Rnd 2: K to bound-off sts, cast on 15 sts, mark 8th cast-on st for center st, k to end of rnd – 81 sts.

Rnd 3: K to 1 st before marked st, sl 1, k 2 tog, psso, mark last st on right-hand needle, k to end – 79 sts.
Rnd 4: Repeat back inc rnd – 81 sts.

Rnd 5: Repeat rnd 3 – 79 sts.  K 1 rnd.

Rnd 7: K to marked st, sl marked st, k 1, psso, remove marker, k to end – 78 sts.

Rnd 8: Repeat back inc rnd – 80 sts.

Shape Eyes: Rnd 1: K 30 sts, bind off 20 sts, k to end – 60 sts.

Rnd 2: K to bound-off sts, cast on 20 sts, k to end – 80 sts.  K 2 rnds even, repeat back inc rnd, k 4 rnds even, repeat back inc rnd – 84 sts.

Work even in LP until piece measures 5 1/2’’ above ribbing when mask is measured at side of face.  Break off LP, join Y.  K 29, p 26, k 29.  Next Rnd: K around.  Work even in Y until piece measures 6’’ above ribbing.

Shape Top: * Sl 1, k 1, pssp, k 10, repeat from * around.  Continue to dec 7 sts every other rnd in same way having 1 st less between decs after each dec rnd 4 times more, then dec same way every rnd until 7 sts remain.  Break yarn, leaving 12’’ end.  Draw end through remaining sts, fasten securely on wrong side.

FINISHING: From right side, with B, work 1 row sc around edge of mouth and eyes.  With B, make a 1’’ chain, sc in single strand at back of each ch; sew between eyes as shown.  With B, using duplicate st, embroider line at center of nose strip, covering nose decs; embroider line each side of center.

Steam press mask.

POMPONS (make 2): Wind y around 1 1/2’’ piece of cardboard 70 times.  Tie one end, cut other end; trim.  Cut ribbon in half.  Make 2 bows.  Attach pompon securely to each bow.  Sew bows to side of head, slightly below eyes.

FRINGE: Wind Y around a 3’’ piece of cardboard about 55 times.  Cut one end.  Fold 2 strands in half.  With crochet hook, draw folded lp through first p st on forehead, pull strands through lp.  Repeat in every p st on forehead.  Trim.