Cluster Stitch Coverlet



SIZE: Approximately 52 ½’’ x 75’’.

MATERIALS: Sport yarn, 22 ozs. deep blue, 16 ozs. bright red, 11 ozs. dark red, 14 ozs. green, 7 ozs. turquoise. Crochet hook size D, or size required to crochet to gauge.

GAUGE: Each square = 4 ½’’.

CLUSTER: Draw up the loop on hook to ½’’, (yo and draw up ½’’ loop in same sp) twice, yo and through all 5 loops on hook, ch 1 to complete cluster.

NOTE: Complete clusters are used only on Rnd 1 and at corners. Between corners on side edges the first half of cluster is worked in same sp as preceding cluster and 2nd half is worked in next sp. When changing colors always fasten off one color after the joining sl st. To attach next color, attach yarn in the corner ch-2 sp. ch 1, turn, then pull up ½’’ loop to begin cluster.

SQUARES: Make 176. With bright red, work 50 squares through Rnd 2, finish 10 with green (A), 26 with deep blue (B), 14 with turquoise (C); work 18 squares through Rnd 3, finish 6 with green (D), 4 with turquoise (E), 8 with deep blue (F); work 38 squares through Rnd 4, finish 19 with deep blue (G), 11 with green (H), 8 with turquoise (J); work 14 squares through Rnd 5, finish 7 with deep blue (L), 4 with turquoise (M), 3 with green (N); finish all with seep blue (O). With dark red, work 29 squares through Rnd 6, finish 14 with turquoise (P), 13 with green (Q).

Ch 6, join with sl st to form a ring. Rnd 1: Work 8 clusters in ring, sl st in top of first cluster, sl st in next ch-1 sp, turn. Rnd 2: In same ch-sp as sl st, work (1 cluster, ch 2 and 1 cluster) for corner. ** ch 1, yo insert hook into the same space. * pull up ½’’ lp (first half of cluster made), yo insert hook into next space, pull up ½’’ lp, yo, pull through 5 sts on hook, ch 1, (second half of cluster made) *, yo and in the same space as 2nd half of previous cluster repeat from * to * once, ch 1, work corner in same sp as 2nd half of last cluster, repeat from ** around, end last repeat work second half of last cluster in same sp as first corner, ch 1, sl st to top of first cluster, sl st in corner sp, turn. Rnd 3: Repeat Rnd 2 having two more clusters n each side edge between corners, and working corners as before in corner ch-2 sp between clusters – 4 clusters on each side and 4 corner groups. Rnds 4, 5, 6, 7: Repeat Rnd 3, increasing the clusters on each side respectively to 6, 8, 10 and 12.

FINISHING: Following the color sequence chart, sew or crochet the squares together.

Edging: With dark red, work 13 rnds of cluster st around entire afghan.