"It's Five O'Clock" Dressy Wool Sweater

Size 34

Materials Required

6 oz Newlands Adalusian *Kroy Baby Yarn or 3 ply Dawn Glo Yarn
No. 10 needles
2 packages gold sequins

Tension: 8 sts – 1 inch.  10 rows – 1 inch.

Using Seed Stitch and basic graph outline work to underarm making sweater 4’’ longer than stated on graph.

At underarm decrease 6 sts in 2 rows (4-2).

From underarm to shoulder continue in seed st without increasings.

Sleeves:  Cast on 90sts (32-34 size) 98 sts (36-38 size).  Work in seed st for 1 3/4”.  Decrease 1 st each side every other row 24 times then decrease 1 st each side every row 13 times.  Bind off remaining sts.

Sew sequins directly on sweater in SPIDER design as illustrated.