Welcome to Philadelphia?

Photos from the August 17, 2001 Demonstration for Mumia

One or two thousand Mumia supporters braved a hot summer day in Philadelphia to demonstrate in support of his court hearing that day. Mumia was supposed to appear in court but was denied the right to do that at the last minute. The official reason was that the prisons were too crowded and Philadelphia would not be able to find space for him to stay.

Speakers included Sonia Sanchez, Dick Gregory, and Jesse Jackson. After a few hours at the courthouse, protesters then circled City Hall and marched through downtown Philadelphia making their voices heard.                                                                                                                

Activist and long-time Mumia supporter, Dick Gregory speaks outside of Judge Pamela Dembe's courtroom--across the street from Philly City Hall.


Welcome to Philadelphia?

Protesters take to the streets after leaving courthouse.

Protesters carry huge quilt made for Mumia.  City Hall is in the background.

Police cut into the middle of the crowd of masked black blockers.

The bike cop in the background had been giving me very unfriendly stares for some time when I took this.  No wonder some folks want to wear masks.


This masked contingent of Native Youth Movement activists is waiting on the street as the march stops to listen to some music.  While they were to the side and raising their fists to the music, Captain  Fisher (head of the Philly PD's Civil Affairs unit) approached and began to stare down the youth.  The indigenous  youth  did not seem rattled and continued their militant posture in support of Mumia.  In Fact...

...Captain Fisher is the only one that seems rattled in this photo taken after I swept around to get a nice shot of his face.