Worship Service
Sunday worship service 10:00 - 11:15 AM, followed by fellowship time with refreshments
Preschool childcare available during worship service
Sunday school available for school-aged children, second half of worship service

Hamilton Bible Fellowship is disable-accessible.  Parking for those with disabilities is located by the front door of the church building. For more information, contact us. 

Participatory Praise

Probably the most distinctive component of HBF’s worship service our participatory praise. It is an opportunity for people in the congregation to speak up and praise God.  We invite people to offer “a sacrifice of praise to God, the fruit of lips that confess his name” (Hebrews 13:15). 

This can be a personal description of God's  work in one’s life or a realization of God’s attributes; it can include scripture reading, music, and prayer. It is a brief, reflective and thoughtful time that can also be spontaneous and enthusiastic. But it is all praise: God-centered worship.  


Every Sunday, we observe the Lord’s Supper because we feel it to be an appropriate culmination of worship, ordained by Jesus Christ himself. We partake of the elements symbolically, in remembrance of his death and in anticipation of his return. All believers are welcome to participate. 

Preaching the Bible

Preaching is expository (teaching passages and topics in the scriptures) with a view toward relevance to life. We are encouraged to understand and live out biblical principles.


HBF loves music! Our Sunday services feature an eclectic mix of classic hymns and more contemporary music.

What about Children?

Children of any age are allowed to stay with their families in the worship service if they like.  Otherwise, preschoolers can go to the nursery for the whole service, and K-12th graders leave for Sunday during the second half of service - right after the Bible readings.

Do I Need to Dress Up?

Only if you want to!  You'll see that HBF has no dress code.  On any given Sunday, some of us are in jeans, while others are in sport coats or dresses.  

Fellowship and Food

After the service, there is always a time for fellowship and refreshments.  We're a congregation that loves to eat (and to cook) really good food!

For more information or questions about worship services, contact us.