Our Mission

Mission Statement

To bring together all parties within the hair, beauty and nails industry to collaborate in issues relating to the industry in a professional and ethical manner.


    • To provide an organisation in order to promote and protect the interests of the hair, beauty and nails industry.
    • To make a concerted effort to contribute towards creating standards of the hair, beauty and nails industry.
    • To offer our experience and assistance to the relevant authorities in the formulation of the national curriculum for Hairdressing, Beauty and Nail Technicians.
    • To collaborate with the various Government departments to enhance these professions in Malta.
    • To support training providers of this industry in implementing standards.
    • To promote international exchange.
    • To offer our services and experience in the formulation of legislation to regulate these professions.
    • To support professionals defined in Article 8 of this Statute through:
      • Providing a professional service to their customers;
      • Safeguard their interests within the legal framework;
      • Providing continuous professional development in order to keep professionals up-to-date.
    • To bring awareness amongst professionals of their rights and obligations.
    • To create a space for collaboration between various members of the Federation in order to safeguard the hair, beauty and nail profession.
  • The above objectives are safeguarded unless their interpretation by any member contravenes any law within the Laws of Malta.