Code of Ethics

Generic Principles
Principle 1: Honesty: Honesty honours the trust placed in the Professional. Honesty shall transpire in products, services, standards, keeping to the legal framework.

Principle 2: Loyalty: Loyalty towards the profession shall be promoted and practiced through loyalty towards the customer giving a sense of security, reliability and assurance.  

Principle 3: Autonomy: Freedom of choice gives the client the right to be self-governing as part of the respect and appreciation shown towards the customer.

Principle 4: Professionalism: Competence, Outcome oriented, Integrity, Passion . Thus, the Federation members seek that they are:
COMPETENCE (Knows What, Knows Why, Knows How) that is qualified or in the process of being qualified (working under supervision).
OUTCOME-ORIENTED: Can do the job from the beginning to end without supervision to set standards or objectives; provides results, not excuses; feels that they can make a difference (empowered); takes measured risks.
INTEGRITY (Open shared values): Values shall be shared within one vision according to the Maltese and EU framework.
CARE (Passion): The profession is conducted with care towards colleagues and customers in a non-judgemental way and without prejudice.

Principle 5: Social Responsibility: Customer and Environment Centricity: a commitment towards promoting the customer’s and environment’s well-being directly and indirectly.

Principle 6: Impartiality: Fairness and equality/equitability shall assure the impartial provision of service treatment in the and the fair and impartial treatment of all customers and the provision of adequate services and products according

Principle 7: Faith: Self-respect fosters the practitioner’s self-knowledge and care for self whilst it shall be transmitted to customers through practice.

Principle 8: Compliance: Keeping to this code of ethics shall help any practitioner to keep to the laws, regulations and standards expected by customers.