Many of the current owners may not know this, but when FYC was created, it was to allow people five seasons to see the fruits of their labor come to life. FYC wasn’t only an acronym for our league, it was a philosophy we all bought into. If you’ve never heard, FYC stands for Five Year Commitment. Every owner purchased a gift card for five seasons and sent the receipt to the commish. Ten “real world years” later, and there are two original owners left (bfhendricks & mgccpro). The spirit of FYC lives on. We still have a solid world with very low turnover and owners whose average tenure is 14.8 seasons. We are also eager and willing to entertain all skill levels in terms of Hardball Dynasty. Additionally, we have a Facebook page that can be accessed via the icon on the left, which is intended mostly for the purpose of Trade Chatting in real-time, although occasionally some league updates or interesting sports-related articles are also published there. 

The blog posts themselves are located under League Blogs tab on the left side of this page, and are generally inspired by the work of the data journalists at sites such as Grantland (prior to its demise) and the sports division of Five Thirty Eight or other Hardball blogs. The combination of reading Grantland and pouring over Hardball data in an effort to learn the game often led to the thought “I wonder if it’s possible to re-create that Grantland thing or something similar here?”. Nine times out of ten, it was.