Heading into my 27th season, it’s hard for me to remember the first day I took over as the owner of the Boston Beaver Poachers. It was the summer of 2006, and my real life was in absolute shambles. After combing through the classifieds, I noticed one league that seemed to be a perfect fit. It was called the F.Y.C. Many of the current owners may not know this, but when FYC was created, it was to allow people five seasons to see the fruits of their labor come to life. 

FYC wasn’t only an acronym for our league. It was a philosophy we all bought into. If you’ve never heard, FYC stands for Five Year Commitment. Every owner purchased a gift card for five seasons and sent the receipt to the commish. We were all in it for the long haul. 7 “real world years” later, and there are six original owners left. Along with me, metsny, mgcpro, robinhood, natic_empire and obie have all been here the entire time. Some of those guys play an awful lot of HBD. Some are more like me, and manage only a team or two at a time – but we’re all still here, 7 years later. The spirit of FYC lives on. We still have a solid world with very low turnover and many teams have had two owners or less in 27 seasons.

-Ben (bfhendricks)