The Team

Principle Investigator

Henry Neal Williams, Ph, D
Environmental Sciences Institute
Florida A&M University

Research Interest
Aquatic Microbial Ecology Processes,
Environmental Microbiology of Water Distribution Systems


Jonathan Badger, Ph, D
Assistant Professor
J. Craig Venter Institute

Research Interest
Evolution and phylogeny of microbes with a focus on marine microorganisms.
Bioinformatics tools, Genome projects,  comparative genomic studies.

Rachel Noble, Ph. D
Associate Professor
Institute of Marine Sciences/ University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Research Interest

Marine microbial ecology Coastal and estuarine water quality
Environmental microbiology
Microbial contaminants in recreational and shellfish harvesting waters
Molecular applications and novel methods development                                                     Recreational and shellfish harvesting water quality

Darrell Jay Grimes, Ph.D
Department of Coastal Sciences,
University of Southern Mississippi

Research Interest
Research in the Marine Microbiology laboratory is primarily focused on the Vibrio