Church History

In 1880, sixteen dedicated men and women assembled to worship God together.  They worshipped in an open field.  The land was owned by S. Marion Cornwell.  


The people realized that an open field would not serve them long as a place for worship, especially if the weather was bad.  The group built a brush arbor and continued to have service there.  Later, a storm destroyed the arbor.  The group was pressed to find another place to gather and worship.


They purchased land from David A. Beam and built Hopewell Baptist Church.  The name Hopewell originated from a gentleman named Hope Williamson, who was a friend of the Cornwell family.


As time passed, the original church became inadequate, having only a wood stove for heat.  Work began on a new church but a dispute with the contractor led to the work being stopped.  The building committee, headed by Joe Abernathy contacted another contractor and the work resumed.  The building project was completed in 1966.


In order to finance the building project, a gentleman by the name of Mr. Dean Linton Barnette mortgaged his farm.  The deacons of the church signed the mortgage along with Mr. Barnette.  The Deacons at that time were Sam Petty, Alonzo Cannedy, Joe Abernathy, Arthur Williamson, Ed Williamson, Horace Degree, Freddie Lowe, and Silas Cornwell.  The pastor at that time was Rev. O.R. Foster.


In the beginning, there was little more than faith and hope.  Through the cooperative efforts of members and pastors, dreams have become a glorious reality.


Hopewell is a Mother of the community.  Many churches have grown out of Hopewell.  


Some of the earlier pastors of the church were Rev. S.L. Johnson, Rev. O.R. Foster, and Rev. Dr. R.J. Davidson.  Some of the more recent pastors were Rev. C.V. Owens, Rev. J.L. Moore, Rev. M.A. Floyd, and Rev. E.J. Parsons.  


Rev. Lawrence J. Roseboro, the current pastor, was called in May of 2000.  Many achievements have been accomplished under the leadership of these pastors.


Two sons of Hopewell have also been called and ordained as ministers.  They are the late Rev. Billy Steve Lawrence Sr. and Rev. Ronald C. Harbison.  Rev Harbison is now the pastor of Christ Community Baptist Church in Gastonia, NC.  Rev. Eugene Brooks also joined Hopewell and became an associate minister.


Some of the accomplishments of the church are:


-The remodeling of the church

-The purchasing of a church parsonage

-Contributing to and participating in the Ebenezer Missionary Baptist Association

-Establishing a scholarship fund for college bound members

-Installing a new air conditioning system

-Purchasing 10 acres of land

-Installing a new sound system

-Installing new carpet for the church

-Establishing a youth mission department

-Purchasing a new van

-Constructing a new fellowship hall/family life center

-The greatest accomplishment is the leading of lost souls to Christ.


Hopewell has seen the mountaintop and been in the valley low.  We are still moving up Zion's Hill.  By the grace of God we are still standing and for that we say "thank you Lord, for your grace is sufficient for us."