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Click here for a 45 second time lapse of me taking down the 28" scope. Time lapse by Phil   Mason.

It takes about 20 minutes to set up or take down the scope by myself and about 45 minutes if I have help.

My telescopes


28 inch f4 alt az     pdf article      

This article was published in Amateur Astronomy magazine, issue 50. A more complete version is posted at Cloudy


 Design and photo page



8 inch f4 "Springsonian"  pdf article

(this article was published in the Amateur Telescope Making Journal, issue 8 and The Best of Amateur Telescope Making, Volume 1)

13" f4.5 string travel scope with spring counterweight

Equatorial platforms photo page

20" f5 Obsession

12.5" f4 Dobsonian

12.5 f8 Dobsonian

8 inch f4 Newtonian

3 inch f15 Tasco

Oregon Star Party articles

OSP website

Rose City Astronomers web site

Deep sky sketches & photos