Task Force on Effective and Cost-Efficient Service Provision

During the 2009 legislative session, HB 2920 passed with bipartisan support creating the Task Force on Effective and Cost-Efficient Service Provision.

The Task Force has been charged with reviewing state and county shared services in four areas: Assessment and Taxation, Elections, Human Services, and Criminal Justice, with the objective of considering a redistribution of functions in those areas. We will re-examine our system of delivering services, with a focus on restructuring government to be more effective and cost-efficient. The aim is to achieve clarification and rationalization of what currently exists, and how we can transfer functions where it makes sense.

They look forward to working together on reexamining some of our state and county programs and responsibilities to identify new, better, and cost-efficient ways of doing business. They’ll have an eye on the future while they dig into the processes that have been built over decades. They’ll take a fresh look at existing systems, methods and rules, and consider new technologies and approaches to delivering services.
Please contact Dorothy Waller at dorothy.waller@state.or.us if you have any questions.
Task Force Final Report now available.
*To print a copy of the report, please go to the Reports and Documents page to download the pdf.
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