Hazy Lazy Equipment Photos


This is the spot where you can find out about the equipment that we used during the recording of this CD. We hope that you will find it interesting.

We will post more pictures as they become available.




Dynacord Echocord - Probably the most important piece of equipment used for the recording of this CD ! It can be heard on every song.



Mr. Z's Dynacord Twen II. 2 x 6V6s of tone heaven. Enough said !!! 




NIX Amps - model Lizo One. Hand made by Mr. Nick himself. Point to point wiring, 12AX7s and EL84s.  Check out the cool back light ! Thanks London Amps for inspiration in building this amp.



Mr Z's main squeeze on the left. Yamaha Pacifica signature model. Please don't sell it man !!!

Mr. Nick's Bass on the right. Go Taiwan ! Eat your heart out Spector !!! Thanks Rondo Music.