Hazy Lazy - Litkoland Poems and Lyrics

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Have a sneak peek at the lyrics of the songs that we are currently recording for our second CD - Litkoland.

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Is it True?


Is it true

That me and you

Have this affair

Cause we despair

That life and joy

Will pass us by

Without a scar

 From great love

That tears apart

Your heart ?



Is it true

That me and you

Care not

For what come might?

We kiss along

Another night

And hold this tiny spark real tight 

Cause its so real

This difficulty to feel




Hard Man to Love 


I catch a glimpse of you

Looking through the crowd

Your eyes beaming feeling

I believe is love


I look back and give you a smile

Ok honey lets go for a ride

But before you melt and go with the flow

Baby be warned I’m a hard man to love


At this point you know you should flee

And forget this chance encounter

But women’s heart is no slave for reason

Says he might change till the next season


You give up, surrender to the swelling tide

You take my hand, you squeeze it tight

And lead me out into the night


But before you melt and let yourself flow

Baby be warned I’m a hard man to love



Listen Honey 


Listen honey

I gave you the money

I set up the dwelling

You filled up with yelling

You made me a thief

I gave you red leaf

On your big lie

We flew through the sky


You made me a prison

I gave you no reason

To treat me like dirt

To make me wear skirt

And through it all

I did not mind

Until you touched

The flame I have found


Gotta be careful

When you play with fire

You only managed

To put out desire

To be your fool

Your stepping stool

To be the man

You’re gonna school


Music is my air

You made me choose

It’s the way I am

Can’t live without blues



Good night and good bye


Munkas Blues 


Listen to your old man boy

Don’t be a fool go to school

My back is broken from the load it moved


It’s a bitter meal when it hurts to raise your hand to your mouth


When I was your age, life was a song

I could work day and all night long

I did not feel the toll it was taking

I did not care my body was aching


And after work I’d go out and drink

Nobody told me and I didn’t think

That youth is short and if you’re not careful

Before too long you’ll become hateful

Mean, old prick that can not think

Of a prayer to pray or a nice thing to say


Listen to your old man boy

Don’t be a fool go to school

My back is broken from the load it moved



Soft Skin Cruel Hearted Girl


He could not dream the disaster

That struck him, the girlmaster

When he ran across

The soft skin cruel hearted girl


It all started like it always does

A drink, a smile, a kiss

For a while it all was all right

As it always is


Touch of her hand

Felt soft like a feather

Smooth as silk

He did not have better


He does not remember how they arrived

To his place he set up with style

Then to his room, then to his bad

Nor how they removed the clothes that they had


There hands explored each other with glee

And they both marveled at what they could see

Intertwined in passion


Then when he thought the moment was near

That the time was right, the deal was sealed

When he approached the ultimate place

The place of ultimate pleasure and grace


The girl slipped away and whispered:


Be a nice boy

Don’t ruin the day

There’s always tomorrow

And if you care

I’ll be yours forever

But not tonight”


Soft skin cruel hearted girl



Copyright © 2007 Nikola Neskovic