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Downloading on ePirate
Posted by Z

This is a guide I am writing to help our members understand how to use links on epirate. You need to be familiar with Internet basics, like downloading and surfing to understand this guide. If you do not understand that, then you may get lost.

Direct links are the same type you should already be familiar with. This is when you just download a file from a webserver. These links always begin with http:// like websites do. These are the easiest to use and need no special software or plugins to download.

These are not always as easy as just downloading the file. You may need to visit the page of the server hosting the file, to access the download. Some ways of doing this are RapidShare, MegaUpload, YouSendIt and many others. See the help section for tutorials on specific ones.

Users in the past have reported issues with the use of rapidshare. This is simply because they do not know how to download from rapidshare, and it is a simple process. Upon clicking a link which goes to rapidshare, scroll down to the bottom of the rapidshare page, and click 'FREE' which should be on the bottom right of the page. You will then have to wait roughly one minute for a prompt to appear. This prompt will have a randomly generated set of numbers and letters that you have to type in. Type these in, then click download. Assuming you did everything correctly, you should now know how to download from rapidshare. Many other file hosting sites do similar things in order to download content. If you email me about issues with file hosting, I will simply point you to this page, so pay attention. 

Torrent links are a little more complex. In order to download the seeked file, using torrent links, you need to get yourself a Bit-Torrent client. We recommend using Azureus, but you can use anyone you wish. When you click a torrent link on our site, you are actually downloading a torrent file. A torrent file is a small file (usually under 100kb) that is used by your Bit-Torrent client to direct you to the users who have the file you are seeking. You can choose to 'open' the file, using your client, or 'save' the file to your computer and then double-clicking it from there.

You may need to open ports in order for torrents to work well. To do this, read the guide HERE

When downloading, we strongly encourage the use of an ip-blocking tool, such as PeerGuardian or ProtoWall, to prevent you from getting caught on P2P networks. Both are available in our download center, as well as all the other software I mentioned in this article. If you still do not understand how to download, please join our forums, and ask others for help. If you only download via direct links, then this is not necessary.


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