How to fix AVI sync issues 






First, if you have an AVI, this process is relatively easy. If you dont have an AVI, I suggest using WinAVI Video Converter. It's relatively easy to use and you should be able to figure out how to make an AVI with it without the need for my help.

The only program you need for this is VirtualDub.

So, open VirtualDub. Open the AVI by pressing CTRL+O or by clicking 'File' then 'Open Video File'. Now go to 'Video' and select 'Direct Stream Copy'.

Now press CTRL+R or click 'Video' then 'Frame Rate'.

Now select the 'radio button' that says 'Change so video and audio durations match' . You should end up with a non-standard frame rate,. Ok now just press F7 or 'File' and 'Save As AVI'. Once you have saved the video, try and play it with a media player and see if it plays in sync.
Almost all of the time the AVI video will be fixed by this method. The only reason why the video will not be fixed by this method is when the rate at which the audio gets out of sync changes. It is almost impossible to fix this. Anyway, I hope I've shown you how to fix the audio sync issues in your videos.