I am a Lecturer in Formal Semantics in the Linguistics department at Queen Mary University of London. My research focuses on formal semantics and its interfaces, and draws on both English and cross-linguistic data. I also work in experimental semantics and pragmatics. Before coming to London, I obtained my PhD at Harvard, and then moved to Berlin to take up a research position at the Zentrum für Allgemeine Sprachwissenschaft (ZAS).

Much of my research has focused on attitude reports, perspective, and the de se. My PhD thesis, titled The Sense of Self: Topics in the Semantics of De Se Expressions, is available at the semantics archive.

I have also worked on topics related to plurality, the cross-linguistic semantics of comparatives, presupposition and implicature. More about these projects can be found under the Publications tab, and I welcome comments at pearson.hazel@gmail.com.
Recent manuscripts
  • 'Attitude verbs', chapter for Semantics Companion available at the semantics archive. (Under revision). 

Recent publications

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