Hazelin Hei Laam Ngan  顏曦嵐

Hazelin Ngan has been involved with teaching since 2006. Her three areas of specialty are English as a Second Language (ESL), Chinese (Cantonese and Mandarin), and medical interpreting in consecutive and simultaneous modes (Cantonese, Mandarin, English). 

Hazelin started her professional work in New York in 2006 as a Chinese newspaper editor while teaching ESL to large classes of adults in a community center in Chinatown. Since 2007, she has provided private tutoring services for students with diverse language learning goals: advanced ESL, college essay writing, and Mandarin speaking skills. Starting 2009, Hazelin has worked as a Chinese medical interpreter at New York University (NYU) Langone Medical Center. Then in 2010, she was recruited by NYU SCPS as an adjunct faculty to teach in their Medical Interpreting (Chinese/English) certificate program.

Hazelin is currently a part-time Master’s student in the Applied Linguistics program at Teachers College, Columbia University. She also works full-time at NYU Langone Medical Center as their Language Access Services Coordinator. Her B.A. is in Creative Writing from Hunter College, CUNY. She lives with her husband in Forest Hills, New York, where they like to play sports, sing and play musical instruments, and invite friends over for dinner parties.

The best way to contact Hazelin is as follows:
Email: hazelin.ngan [at] gmail dot com // Skype: hazelin.ngan // Google Chat: hazelin.ngan