• Your handicap will be the one you post on the first night of play. If you are unable to play the first night and you played last year; your handicap will be set to your year-end handicap from 2018  If you are new and can't make the first night you will use the league default of 50 gross average and 14 handicap.  
  • The first week handicaps will be used to determine the players slotting into a regular season flight. The scoring will remain relatively the same as last season but each player's cumulative score will compete against the other players in their flight.
  • We will be playing from the white tee box but on occasion may move to the Blues and the Golds. We will notify the players via email when we will be playing from a different tee box.
  • Players 65 and older always have the option to play the next tee box forward from the one being played during that week of play.  Please let Mark McFarland or Ray Hamel know if you are playing the forward tees.
  • The league fees will not be included in the rates that follow. The preferred league fee payment method is $50 to Ray Hamel at the start of league play but payment can be worked out. 
  • Pebble Brook will charge us $12 to walk 9 holes. It will cost $19 to ride. These prices are effective on Tuesday nights for league play only. Any other play you do at Pebble Brook away from league play will require normal green fees. 
  • The league will play on Tuesday nights and we will still start the first tee times at 4:30. 
  • The course management will decide the nine that we play.  Please check in with the pro shop and play the correct nine for our league. 

Weekly Side Games

We will have more nights of individual golf than anything else but we will also have some specialized nights. Here's a partial list off the top of our heads that could be used. You can help add to this list if you would like to see anything else considered to be put into play. 
  • 2 Man Texas Scramble – Only the best tee shot is used and each player finishes out with their own ball.
  • Longest drive – There will be X number of holes that the longest drive will be recorded and rewarded.
  • Closest to the pin – The closest tee shot to the pin on the par threes will be rewarded.
  • Longest putt made on designated holes.

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