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If you are new to genealogy my articles will be useful guides to getting you started on your own research.  Mostly they are based on my own family history research. If you are a member of my extended family you will also find stories about some of our shared ancestors.
This is my Grandfather, Abraham Birnbaum, playing the Jap Fiddle of which he claimed to be inventor
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I am indebted to a great many other people - fellow genealogists and members of the extended family - for information I have gathered. This gathering and turning it from data to knowledge, as well as happy days in archives, has been my contribution. It is the best information I have but doubtless there are errors for which I apologise. I will update the tree from time to time.
All the trees are available on this website/ my pages on My Heritage so that other descendants may share the information freely for personal use but not for commercial purposes or publication in print or on the web. Please contact me if you are able to make any corrections or additions to the information displayed. Family members interested to know more about particular characters are welcome to email me. On some I have extensive notes.
Introducing my families
My most comprehensive research has been on the Norden family some of whose members became early British settlers in South Africa - unusal as such as they were Jewish.
Chapman of Padstow, Swansea and Liverpool and Pennell of Swansea and Liverpool  - maternal grandmother
Heimann of Luegde and South Africa and Norden of London and South Africa - maternal grandfather. Arnholz, Broude, Huth, Jacobs & Michaelis(-Jena) are linked with the Heimanns. Nussbaum from Nieder Aula in Germany, Simon/Simmon(d)s/ Symmonds and Posener of London are linked with Norden
Norden of Amsterdam is a family with which the London Nordens may be linked. If you know something about this please contact me
Bargebur, Bargebuhr and Bargeber are probably different spellings of the same names. I have fragments of trees for people of these names - not on this website. Are they linked with Norden? If you recognise the name please contact me
Gold of Zgeirz and Lodz in Poland and Najding - paternal grandmother. Birnbaum of Zgeirz and Lodz in Poland - paternal grandfather.  Tomchinsky is linked with Birnbaum