General Information

Fourth Sundays

& Fifth Sundays Advanced Zesty Contras

3:30 - 3:55 pm FREE  Beginners' Workshop 

Contra Dance 4 - 7 pm
Special Dances 4 - 7:15 pm 

Admission: $10 ($12*)
Students $5 ($6*)
Kids & Teens under 20 years old Free
20 - 25 years old $5 ($6*)

(or pay what you can)
* = Special Dance Price


Never danced before? Fantastic! 

Join the free Lesson
from 3:30 – 3:55 pm

 All dances are taught and prompted
     No dance experience required

Come alone or bring a friend!  Kids, teen,  all ages welcome

                          Dance either the “Gent” or “Lady” role.  Same-gender couples fit in fine

Protect the dance floor by wearing clean, non-marking shoes.

                                                                  Please be fragrance-free, wear comfortable, lightweight clothes


                                                                                Bring snacks to share & a water bottle


Many folks enjoy dancing the "other" gender role at Hayward. We encourage this for a number of reasons – it's a great way to try something new, meet and dance with more people, and experience dancing more fully; it also mitigates any imbalance between the number of men and women.  So dance with whomever you meet in the line! – a man in the lady's spot or a woman in the gent's is probably in the right place, and even if not, you'll keep the dance moving. Some dancers might even swap roles during the don't be surprised if you see someone in the "lady's" role turn into a "gent."  You'll see on their faces how much fun it is! 



We appreciate the contributions of everyone who brings snacks, pitches in with setup/cleanup, welcomes new dancers, and/or otherwise contributes to the sense of community at Hayward. The Hayward Contra was founded to be a truly *community* dance. We are proud of our success so far in this regard – that so many of you value and feel like a part of the dance – and strive in every way to keep it going.