California Twirl

An Urban Dance Experience

East Bay/San Francisco Bay Area, CA

Two 8-Hour Contra Dances...
Presidents' Day Weekend...February 16 & 17, 2013

Four Great Callers: Dean Allemang, Kalia Kliban, Susan Michaels, 
                                        Chris Page 

    Three Great Bands:  Bonfire, The Crabapples & The Whoots

            Two Great Locations:
                                    Saturday, February 16, 2013: Walnut Creek Presbyterian
                                    Sunday,   February 17, 2013:  Alameda Eagles Hall

1 pm to 5 pm Dancing
5 pm to 7 pm Dinner on your own
(Both Halls have many restaurants near by.)
7 pm to 11 pm Dancing

More bang, less buck! California Twirl is a low-frills, low-cost urban contra dance weekend that focuses on the essentials—great music, great callers and great venues. Dance for the afternoon, enjoy dinner out at one of the many restaurants near our two lovely East Bay locations, and then come back to dance the night away. 

As we welcome talent from across the state of California, we hope that dancers will bring a California-style openness to a portion of the weekend having gender-neutral calling and to dancers being welcomed on a first-come, first-served basis, without regard to gender. We find that one of the great joys and rewards of community dance is a spirit of "everyone dances with everyone."  If you would like to experiment/try the "other" dance role, that's encouraged as well.  Remember, in contra-dancing the only real mistake is to fail to have fun!

$80/$50 for students for Both Days,
$50/$30 for students for One Day,

$30/$15 for students for one four-hour dance*
(*Four-hour dance for any given time slot is only made available if registration is not full....these will be announced via Facebook the week of the event.)