Cross-Country / Track and Field

PHILOSOPHY AND GOALS -Athletics plays an important role in the goal of helping educate the whole person by influencing his/her physical, social and emotional development. The primary purpose of athletics is to contribute to the development of individuals who will be productive members and leaders in their communities. It is our hope that one's participation in the cross country/outdoor track & field programs will provide opportunities to accomplish the following:
*Make a serious commitment to achieving personal and team goals. 
*Realize pre-conceived limits and work to surpass them. 
*Establish a strong work ethic that will be of benefit in one's athletic and academic pursuits as well as throughout one's life.
*Learn the need to practice diligently and to be patient in the achievement of any worthwhile goal. 
*As a result of one's own efforts, learn to appreciate the efforts of others.

T&F Training Announcement

Pete's Relays at Newfound 4/18 - Bus Leaves at 8:30am
Brown, KarlynAA
Camire, AbigailAA
Chase, Emma16AA
Chase, Sarah4A
Day, Alexus8A
Donvan, Kylie
Harris, VeronicaA
Hutchinson, JessicaA
Lipshultz, CarolA
Murray, TaylorA
Nix, MelanieA
Robinson, SabrinasubA
Shaw, Grace
Sottak, Chloe
Sperduto, Talia
Syed, Jasmine12A
Violette, RachaelA
Wong, MeaganA
Allman, EliAA
Atherton, Josh
Bartz, ChrisD
Bowser, JacobD
Brown, Kaleb8A
Burbank, MichaelA
Charnley, CalebB
Clark, Asher
ClarkPatten, Al
Dami, Matt
Fleck, VincentBA
Gelinas, Kyle
Kiatvoraku, JRC
Kiefer, NickA
Knowlton, Isaiah16A
Malone, Brennan
Mathieu, RiverBsub
Pare, TomA
Patten, KyleA
Poitras, CalvinD
Randos, Nick12A
Remenar, IanAA
Roundy, Ellis4A
Rupp, Ian
Sanborn, Mike
Scheffer, BrandonB
Slater, BryanD
Sojka, AdamC
Spooner-Bishop, ChrisC
Wright, DakotaA
Yelle, CoryCA
Zimmer, BruceA

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