Hayward Arts Council has only one part time staff person. The rest of the work to keep the organization going is all done by dedicated volunteers. We need your help! 

The good news is that getting more involved with HAC is FUN. It's a great way to make new friends, spend time with like-minded people, and get artistic inspiration and support.

We recognize that everyone is unique, with different skills and talents. The following list includes a wide variety of ways you can help out. Maybe you can think of a new way in which you can share your particular skills with us.

Become an active member. We’re looking forward to getting to know you better. Call or email the office and we can match you with volunteer opportunities that fit your skills and schedule.   

Receptions: Volunteers act as host and hostess at the receptions for the artists. This is an opportunity for those who like to prepare food, set an attractive buffet from food donated or enjoy seeing people having a good time.

Mailings: Mailings are important to the Hayward Arts Council. Someone assembles, folds, puts on labels, sorts and prepares anything mailed from the Hayward Arts Council.

Telephone, Email, Fax: From time to time we need to contact the membership or the volunteers. This can be done at home or in the gallery, and can be at your convenience during the day or evening.

Installation: Duties range from receiving and installing the works of art to filling nail holes and painting, with the fun of seeing it all come together.

Maintenance: Members who have skills in trade areas have often been informally contacted for advice or help, but it would be good to have a listing of these people who enjoy this kind of volunteering.

Special Events and Festivals: Volunteers to staff ticket booths, souvenir shops, and drink booths.

"When I Can:” Many people like to help the Council, but because of personal commitments, lack of time, and so forth, just can't commit to a long-term activity or event. Should you be one of these people, add your name to the "When I Can" list of volunteers.

 A hearty "Thank you" for those who have enriched the inner lives of thousands through their generous donation of money and/or time!