Heather Reyes, Board President

Heather joined HAC in 2013 and became a board member in 2014. Heather, her daughters, and her husband are all active in creating art and enjoy a variety of art throughout the five galleries of HAC. Heather's many interests include Zantangle, jewelry design, beaded tapestries, cross-stitch, just to name a few. When budget cuts in the public school system canceled art and music classes, she reached out for an organization that would help her family continue being creative. Heather feels that children learn in different ways, and art is critical to a child's development, and at times, their emotional well-being. Her strong belief that visual and performing arts belong in the K-12 curriculum is motivating Heather to work with the Hayward Unified School District, along with teachers, staff, and parents to bring forward a Master Visual and Performing Arts Curriculum so that all students have access to this integral part of learning. In addition, she has collaborated with the Hayward Animal Shelter and was successful in using animal art to raise funds and awareness for both the Shelter and the Hayward Arts Council.
   Edward Keller, Board Treasurer

Ed joined HAC and the Board in 1993. He is retired from CSUEB, where he was a math and computer science professor. He is very active in his church, having served as Music Director and Treasurer. In the past he helped develop and manage HAC youth music competitions, and he serves as liaison between HAC and the Band and Orchestra Festival for public school students. He has volunteered his time to teach instrumental music to elementary students who have no other access to music instruction.